Begin Exploring Your Tomorrow, Today”

Investment Amount : $50,000 |  Year : 2013  |  Sector: Education   | City: Washington D.C.


The Challenge:

Young adults (HS & college students) and their parents struggle with getting accurate and relevant information about college, majors, and careers. For First Generation students & future STEM majors, this problem is acute. Making the wrong educational decision or a delayed one, results in under-application, sub-optimal financial aid, extra money and suboptimal outcomes. The text internet is overrun with spam – video is a more compelling medium for conveying stories and giving serious advice.

The Innovation:

Mytonomy (founded Feb 2011) is a video based, near-peer social network designed to bring alumni advice to high school students while supporting overburdened high school counselors. Mytonomy is a “storytelling platform” for schools to mentor their current students. Mytonomy helps young people from age 14–25 make better decisions about big life choices, while inspiring them about their future. The company’s goal is to improve student outcomes, and save time and money for schools.

The Impact:

With SVF’s $50K investment (as a portion of a $700k round), Mytonomy will enhance its products through increased R&D, development of a Reporting and Analytics function, and an increase in customer support resources, further improving the company’s ability to support student viewing and overburdened high school guidance counselors.

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