We Provide high quality, safe and affordable local fresh foods from regional farmers and fishers to schools, universities, hospitals, and underserved communities. ”

Investment Amount: $50,000  |  Year : 2012  |  Sector: Food Systems | City: New Orleans

Jack & Jake’s works to address the market failures that have resulted in the under-utilization of local farms and seafood producers in the southeastern U.S., an incredibly fertile region that is not adequately reaching the local marketplace. Simultaneously, Jack & Jake’s seeks to improve food safety and health outcomes by addressing food access challenges that contribute to the high levels of obesity and diabetes that are prevalent throughout the region.

The Challenge:

Connecting local farmers with consumers who need fresh food the most is difficult and often expensive proposition. Consequently, urban families struggle to find healthy, affordable food, and, thus, turn to local corner stores for their grocery items. On the flip side, farmers struggle to find reliable outlets to sell their products. Living hours away from metropolitan centers and without reliable outlets to sell their products, farmers end up selling to local communities or giving their leftover product away to neighbors.


The Innovation:

Jack & Jake’s (founded 2011) addresses this challenge by connecting local farmers with residents of New Orleans through a regional food hub. John Burns, the founder of Jack & Jake’s, spent nearly two years developing a robust network of farmers in the region. This supply network allowed Jack & Jake’s to successfully open a wholesale operation that distributes local, fresh, and affordable food to charter schools, hospitals, and restaurants. In September of 2014, Jack & Jake’s plans to open a 45,000 square foot food market in a well-known “food desert” in New Orleans. This market will be the visible front to the wholesale operation and provide people in the community with a market to access affordable, fresh foods.

The Impact:

With SVF’s $50K investment (as a portion of a $400k round), Jack & Jake’s proved the efficacy of the wholesale operation and began to take the necessary steps to open a retail outlet. Between the wholesale operation and upcoming retail store front, Jack & Jake’s strives to provide high quality, safe and affordable fresh foods from regional farmers and fishers to schools, universities, hospitals, and underserved communities.



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