How Do Michigan’s Parcels Work?

When gathering every single parcel possible and putting it into the Loveland explorer, sometimes you need to gather a few people (or an entire state) around a table. Several states already have either a fully developed statewide parcel data layer (New JerseyMontana), or are presently curating and offering informational resources towards statewide standardization (New YorkMassachusetts). Loveland thus turned its attention towards its own local home state of Michigan.

Loveland partnered with a group of students from the University of Michigan’s Social Venture Fund (SVF) at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business to conduct a survey of Michigan’s parcel data accessibility, cost structures and overall maintenance practices. Along with support from Michigan’s Office of Technology Partnerships (OTP), SVF students administered an online survey to county assessors, GIS departments, and vendors who maintain parcel spatial data for Michigan counties and municipalities.

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