Fast Company : Top 10 Innovative Companies in Education

# 5 Learn Zillion : For understanding that teaching starts with teacher education.

Founded in 2011 by a charter school chief and a McKinsey consultant, LearnZillion charges districts to supply teachers and students with five-minute minilessons based on the Common Core State Standards initiative–designed to align states’ curriculums–and delivered by master teachers. Students can use LearnZillion to review class material, but equally as important, teachers can use it to get ideas for their own classes and to study videos to improve their teaching methods. The company has about 120,000 registered teachers (and adds 5,000 new teachers every week) and reaches about 1.4 million students. LearnZillion, a favorite of ed-tech enthusiast Bill Gates, has also formed alliances with Washington, D.C., and Syracuse, New York, public school systems.

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